You wake. The chamber of the Cloning Dock is cold. You relax your body and the chamber robot dresses you in your biosuit, something that prevents your body from quickly decaying.

It was a close encounter. You registered your quantum mind-matrix into the system just in time. The gargantuan Space Worms ate your entire planet in one gulp! Everyone is dead. Everyone! Well, it could be a blessing now that Aunt Masdak7452 is gone… but your pet Uzo, that cute furry little thing! You want revenge.

You stride out of the Bay with your chest high and the most intimidating expression you can muster, which isn’t very intimidating considering your face doesn’t actually move. Wait now… what is that? You realise others have made it too! You aren’t the only one left.

You fiddle around with the biosuit’s settings until you find a sensible frequency channel to emit your mind-speak into. click spurrrrrr zzzeejjjjk ...