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You are the last of your race. Together you escaped to your ship with an Infinity Constructor. The small cube allows you to make yourself a new body in the Clone Dock after you register your quantum mind into the system. Effectively, you can live forever by making new bodies.

Your entire planet was destroyed by Giant Space Worms. As a team of Genetic Engineers, you can splice your genes with other species. You plan on becoming a team of ultimate warriors to take revenge against these Giant Space Worms.

There are a million planets out there, you just have to kick back and ride your hyperdrive.

Now grab your Gene-gun and get harvesting!

You begin as an albino humanoid. Your body has undergone the trauma of a million generations of gene dilution, and thus you have become fairly featureless. You are weak, but your biosuit is powered, so you have the strength of a bipedal which has matured under the force of 1 Gravity.

You share the one ship, so must decide where to go. Be decisive, if you aren’t you will go nowhere quickly! What worlds can you visit? Your ship travels the multiverses, and there is a database of trillions of life-sustaining planets. Literally pick anything from Pokemon, to Star Wars, to Neverwinter, etc, and there will be a planet sustaining a lifeform the same or smiliar to what you are looking for. Don’t get ahead of yourself. If you pick an adventure too dangerous for you you will most likely suffer casualties… which is a waste of time (yes you respawn in the Clone Dock, but you still experience the pain of dying, and why would you want to anyway?)

You will have a Gene Bank storing all the samples you have collected on your ship. Unfortunately when splicing genes, defects occur. You can make a new body whenever you like with the genes you have.

Making a new body

Starting Inventory

Example of Play This game will be run a bit differently to the above because everyone has their own character. I will be looking at taking 4-6 players. Using a 1d100 system. Genes give + to associated rolls. Comparative rolls in combat, where the player rolls both his NPC target’s roll and his own roll (for smoother play) and the highest roll wins that action. Base modifiers of +0. Example of modifier is: Increased Lung capacity +1 to number of rounds doing strenuous exercise. or Claws +10 to attack roll. or Iron Skin +40 to defence roll.

Genetic Anomalies and rules

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