Making a new body

Roll Gene-splice skill with 1d100. First digit is the maximum number of traits you can take from any single species for that gene-splice.

Select a number of traits from the species you are splicing. Make these traits up yourself. The number of defects equal the the number of attributes you have chosen minus the number of different samples you have of the species. Pretty simple. The defects are chosen randomly by GM and can be anything from cosmetic disfigurement to life-threatening disorders.

For example: Sandra has collected 3 samples of jaguar genes, and so goes back to the Cloning Dock and puts the genetic data into the Infinity Constructor. She rolls a 6 for her splicing. She knows she can safely take 3 attributes, but wants to take 4. Claws, Fangs, Speed and Stealth. Unfortunately she gets a Defect: 1.Craniosynostosis – malformation of the mouth. This means her fangs do not develop properly, and she has an ugly split along her mouth going vertically.

Major Traits and Minor Traits

A Major Trait is something like ‘wolf body’, or ‘humanoid body’. You can have up to two major traits. All systems default to this body type. In this example, a person would have a Canine Humanoid body (like a werewolf). Roll 1d100, and the first ‘wolf type’ is that % of your body, with that % of features being wolf. Lets say we get a 50%. The character now has wolf Sight, Hearing and Taste, but has humanoid Smell and Touch. His metabolism is half/half, with some human organs and some wolf organs.

Minor Traits are anything you add to or replace in that body, such as fangs, eyes, tongue, skin, etc. You can have an unlimited number of these. Removing something counts as a Minor Trait too. If you get a second head, you can remove this, but you will have a randomly allocated genetic disorder to replace this.

Making a new body

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